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  1. Jaravax Arentraikur

Jaravax Arentraikur

Jaravax Arentraikur was a Dragonborn warlord and former general who governed a large area in Rasteria.

Arentraikur was born in the city of Reconciliation, the southern half of the twin-city capital of the Quazszo-Fignolan Empire. As the result of an experimental breeding program, he was born and raised as a Torathic warrior-priest. By the age of 28 he was a general in the Holy Imperial Army.

Arentraikur was the mastermind of the Treefeller Plot, a plan to usurp the Emperor. While the plan failed, Arentraikur was able to flee to Rasteria. He signed a deal with the Haxian king Tewyn II for protection in exchange for his service in ridding the warlords to the south of the city. However, Arentraikur quickly betrayed Tewyn. He became a warlord himself, quickly taking over all of the other warlords’ territory and control of the valuable electrum and gold mines to the south. His vicious efficiency saw him become a credible threat to Haxian itself.

Arentraikur died unexpectedly from a chest infection during his campaign against Haxian. As a result, his territory quickly fractured as a power vaccuum formed. His death did not bring peace to the peninsula; in fact, it only worsened the violence.