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  1. Timeline


This is a chronological timeline of historical events that occurred in Ornia, from past to present. All dates use the Elilian Calendar.

  • c. 1,500,000 BA: Emergence of modern elves and dwarves.
  • c. 1,000,000 BA: Emergence of modern humans.
  • c. 900,000 BA: Jathar, the world’s oldest city, is founded by dwarves in Sesia.
  • c. 850,000 BA: The epic poem Orden-Far is written in High Elvish.
  • c. 45,000 BA: The Columns of All Things are built by unknown persons in northwestern Chamros.
  • 235 AE: Twelve Torathic sects take part in the Third Council of Reiya, uniting and creating the Torathic Communion.
  • 807 AE: Hainan II conquers the province of Erjadon, uniting Chamros and founding the Second Chamric Empire.
  • 822 AE: The Melody Out of Darkness takes place.
  • 1243 AE: The Vendron Wars between the Chamric and Karzeilan empires.
  • 1300 AE: Chamric victory ends the Vendron Wars.
  • 1347 AE: The Great Drought begins in Ejela, displacing nearly 50,000 elves.
  • 1567 AE: Afeshi Mercantile Union Corporation is founded.
  • 1640 AE: The Proclamation of 1640 puts into effect state discrimination of the Kukurib; beginning of the Great Burning.
  • 1721 AE: 17 duchies break away from the Chamric Empire, founding the Katabrine Dominion.
  • 1727 AE: Chamric citizens living in Olarian colonies are expelled by the Olarian Elves.
  • 1735 AE: The Great Burning is suppressed, bringing nearly 100 years of discrimination to a end.
  • 1756 AE: The Battle of Branbridge takes place off the coast of the Afeshi capital. MUC militias successfully seize the assets of the corporation, ending state control of the conglomerate.
  • 1921 AE: The Katabrine Dominion is dissolved.
  • 1978 AE: The Treaty of Zephyria is signed, bringing end to the First Great War. Under its stipulations, the Torathic Communion is dissolved.
  • 2002 AE: The Chamric Civil War ends with a Republican victory and the Chamric Empire is dissolved.