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Azjeia was one of the major continents of Ornia. Located in the southeast, Azjeia was the largest continent by area. Considered the cradle of Elven civilization, it retained a critical role within the race’s culture. The epic poem Orden-Far chronicles a journey across the continent. Despite this, most elves lived outside the continent. Azjeia was home to more than one great power; in particular the Karzeilan Empire, once considered the world’s supreme power. Despite this, the continent had never been unified. The continent had been the battleground for some of the world’s bloodiest conflicts, including the Thousand Years’ War, the Drow Uprising, and the Great Azjeian War.


The continent was varied in climate and geography. Much of the interior was covered by the Ko-rana Desert, which by most accounts was the hottest region on Ornia. The northern portion of the western coast of the continent was covered by tropical rainforest, transitioning to a temperate climate further south. The region that had the most extreme climate was Rasteria, seeing regular hurricanes and much rainfall throughout the rest of the year. Two mountain ranges dominated the continent: the Anarta mountain range and the Darivian mountain range. The Anarta range ran from the Bay of Hwarth in the west to Wenia. It was a relatively short range, having been eroded over the course of millions of years. The Darivian range was home to some of the largest mountains on Ornia - it is by far the tallest range by average height. It did not, however, include the largest mountain (Mount Aranius in Chamros). The Darivian range split the eastern Rasterian peninsula from the rest of the continent. The Darivians were one of the most notoriously impassable ranges on Ornia - this isolation from the rest of the continent has given Rasteria the moniker of “the Forgotten Kingdom”.


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