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Torathic Communion

Hanas alor emani.

Providence knows no border.

– The Torathic Creed

The Torathic Communion, officially known as the Holy Union of the Worldly Realms, commonly referred to as the Communion and derogatorily as the Torathi Empire was a religious and civil institution that existed from BA 235 to AE 1978. Nominally a union of many Torathi sects, the Communion was a sovereign state in its own right, ruling over nation-states and army alike. The Communion was governed by the Council of Twelve and reigned over by the Fortenrar, supreme leader of the Torathi religion. Existing for well over two millenia, the Torathic Communion exerted considerable control over the continent of Merian.


The Treaty of Zephyria brought about the dissolution of the Communion in 1978, ending the First Great War. Under its stipulations, all sects under the Communion would become their own separate entity.