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  1. Mercantile Union Corporation

Mercantile Union Corporation

The Mercantile Union Corporation (MUC), formerly the Afeshi Mercantile Union Corporation (AMUC), was a multinational conglomerate founded in 1567 in the Twin Kingdom of Afesh. It was originally founded as a government-owned amalgamation of several trading companies. The original purpose of the MUC was to transport goods along the Sea of Kolare. By 1600 it had amassed large wealth and began expanding to other continents. Over two centuries the MUC transformed itself from a simple trading corporation into a state in and of itself, establishing several colonies around the world and building up a large navy. After the decline of the Second Chamric Empire, the MUC had established itself as possibly the world’s foremost power. The MUC held a near-monopoly on many resources, most notably on the trade of Spirit Orchids and petroleum. The Afeshi Dual Crown enjoyed wealth from the taxation of the MUC until the Battle of Branbridge in 1756, when the MUC seized the Crown’s shares and became a private corporation.