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  1. Katabrine Dominion

Katabrine Dominion

The Katabrine Dominion, or simply Katabrinia (from Chamric khatabhyriniekh, lit. across the Brin River, or trans-Brin) was a sovereign state in northern Eira existing from its declaration of independence in 1721 to its dissolution in 1921. It was originally comprised of 17 duchies that broke away from the Chamric Empire. Following the Resolutions of the 17th Century, the Church attained massive amounts of power within the Empire. This was an uncomfortable proposition to many, as the majority of Chamric citizens living north of the Freytian Mountains were polythiestic. Tensions between the North and South steadily rose through much of the 17th and 18th centuries as the North increasingly became isolated from greater Chamric society, being snubbed by the Home Country in favour of its overseas colonies. The pre-Dominion North was politically dominated by three human families: the Breakwui Clan, House Frukuo, and the Leoakid Clan.