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Elilian Calendar

The Elilian Calendar is the global calendar adopted by the majority of countries in Ornia. Originally designed by the famed half-elven scientist Elilianis aven Kirya for the Karzeilan Empire, it was widely adopted around the year AE 100. The calendar used the coronation of the first Karzeilan emperor Arekan I of House nari-Qudon as the beginning of its calendar era: BA stands for “Before Ascension” while AE stands for “After Enlightenment”. The calendar splits the 390-day-long Ornian year into thirteen 30-day months.

The naming for months is as follows:

  1. Palari
  2. Fanait
  3. Dena
  4. Munto
  5. Halar
  6. Ledensdale
  7. Sarensdale
  8. Larant
  9. Monazh
  10. Hariall
  11. Coleph
  12. Karao
  13. Forthari