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  1. Easternell College of the Adventuring Arts

Easternell College of the Adventuring Arts

The Easternell College of the Adventuring Arts is a for-profit university located in Easternell, Afesh, near the Sesian border. It was established in 1575 AE by a legendary band of adventurers and venture capitalists. It is the primary setting of A Hellish Education.

Unlike other universities and colleges which primarily focus on a single craft - magic, for example - Easternell College had programs for nearly every facet of the adventuring life, reflecting its nature as an educational institution designed for adventurers. This lack of focus and for-profit nature gave the college a lukewarm, if slightly negative, reputation.

The college is situated on the shores of Lake Ghent and is surrounded by the town of Easternell, which was built to house its staff and students. The town has a permanent population of less than a thousand, although it surges throughout the year due to students arriving and leaving. Its secluded location deep in the Ovarsrite Forest made it the largest settlement for many miles around. Food is fairly abundant due to the liberal use of conjuration spells by staff members that create nutritious, if bland, sustenance. The town also has a few farms, although students are encouraged to go hunting and foraging as part of their adventurer training.

The main building of Easternell College is an ancient stone castle built by an unknown civilization, having been discovered by the college’s founders very shortly before the establishment of the university.