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  1. Corellon


Corellon (lit. “Eternal Light”) was the patron god of all elves, artists in particular. They were considered the god of light, music, and warfare. According to the Elvish creation myth, Corellon was the eternal being who created the elves. They are described as the keeper of the beat of the Song of Creation.

Corellon is said to manifest themselves through various avatars in Elvish myth, such the prince Varssanian, the trickster Anara, the historian Polenne, among others.

Corellon was most often represented as an androgynous elf with long blonde hair, a description originating from the epic poem Deratzana. Other sources, like the Orden-Far, describe them as an abstract, unknowable spirit. Corellon was also associated with the crescent moon through their avatar Anara, who was said to have stolen the moon. They were considered to have no gender or, in some sources, shift between male and female.

The diety was associated, and often partnered with, the goddess Lolth. Corellon and Lolth were considered opposites within Elvish mythology, Lolth being the goddess of darkness. She was variously described as their wife or their sister. Unlike Corellon, Lolth was presented as unambigiously female.